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Frequently Asked Eggfest Questions:

For Eggfesters (a.k.a. Eggfest Attendees):

1. What is an Eggfest?
It's a celebration of food prepared on the Big Green Egg, "The Ultimate Cooking Experience!" You buy a ticket for a small fee at the gate, and you're free to sample everything that the Egg Chefs have available.

2. Will I get a full meal at Eggfest?
At each Egg station you'll get a bite-sized sample of whatever is being grilled there. You might get a bite of pizza at one booth, a sample of steak at another, and any number of other culinary delights as you go from table to table. There's a lot to try, so if you leave Eggfest hungry... it's your own fault!

3. How about drinks?
We've found from previous Eggfests that people prefer bottled water to soft drinks by a huge margin, so water is available for purchase that day. Like the entry fee, all proceeds benefit the Jefferson Carnegie Library.

4. How long will I be at Eggfest?
Other than the beginning and end times for the Eggfest, you're under no time constraints. If you went directly from table to table, you could finish up in 30 minutes; most people find that they want to talk to the Egg Chefs, discuss the Big Green Egg grilling process, and just visit for a while. You're going to have a really good time, so allow at least an hour. Enjoy!

5. How do I find Jefferson Eggfest that Saturday?
306 N. Vale St. in Jefferson... just look for the cars and follow your nose! Or, simply click here for a map!

For Egg Chefs (a.k.a. Eggheads):

1. How can I be an Egg Chef at the Jefferson Eggfest?
It's easy - just register in advance, and we'll have a demo Big Green Egg for you to cook on. These are provided by the sponsoring Big Green Egg dealer, and will be sold at a discounted price at the Eggfest.

2. What do I need to bring?
Basically, bring everything but the Egg. Utensils, food, seasoning, serving items such as paper plates/cups/etc... - everything that you need to cook throughout the day, except the Egg. Charcoal will be provided. At the Egg Chef dinner on Friday night, you will be given a $25 gift certificate to the local grocery store that you can use for your supplies.

3. Should I bring a tent and table?
The Jefferson Carnegie Library will have a table and tent set up for each registered Egghead team. If you want an additional table for food prep, or have your own pop-up tent that you'd like to bring, you are more than welcome to do so.

4. How much food should I prepare?
The Eggfest is held between 10AM and 3PM, so plan on having something to serve consistently during those hours. The food needs to be ready to serve at 10AM, so most Egg Chefs arrive 8~9AM. We suggest having about 500 sample bites of food over the course of the day (5 hours). Most Egg Chefs prepare a few different items throughout the day just to change things up some.

5. Is there judging, and are there prizes awarded for the winners?
No judging, no prizes... the Jefferson Eggfest is all about having fun, creating some delicious food, sharing the Big Green Egg experience, and most importantly, raising funds for the historic Jefferson Carnegie Library and its programs.

6. Where do I go for Jefferson Eggfest?
306 N. Vale St. in Jefferson... click here for a map.

7. Anything else I need to know?
Along with cooking, be prepared to answer questions from the Eggfesters about the food that you're serving, how to cook on the Big Green Egg, etc. Just have fun visiting with everyone there!